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Today is pay day and I stopped by the ATM on my way to work this morning. I was irritated by having to park in a very awkward space, but when I got out of the car there was a grimy old penny on the ground. I always have good luck on days when I pick up pennies. So pick it up I did, wondering what small blessing may come my way today. 

I know the act of picking up pennies has absolutely nothing to do with whatever events may unfold. What it does do though is change my perspective. I instantly know something good will come my way. I believe it is that assuredness that subconsciously allows me to recognize and appreciate whatever small occurrence I will ultimately attribute to the good fortune from picking up that penny.

I shouldn’t need to pick up a penny to invite positivity, but I’m sure glad I found one this morning.


Piggy Mac

How do you make yourself known in a world of personal finance blogs? I’m pretty sure Step One is WRITE SOMETHING!!!

I have been procrastinating for far too long. I have blog posts in my head constantly that never make it into the computer.

Even now on a rainy night when I can’t sleep (because I overindulged in pre-Christmas treats – but that’s a whole other blog for you), I got up with the sole purpose of writing. What did I do? I started thinking about names for my blog. I played around on I checked my bank accounts. I read the Money section of the Daily Mail. I would have been more productive had I stayed asleep.

For now, I’m just putting fingers to keyboard so to speak.  Much more to be written.