Too Many

I have a great desire to simplify and consolidate my life. The easiest place (of all places) to apply this is my finances. I have 1 checking, 3 savings, 2 ROTH IRA’s, 1 brokerage, and 1 401K account split between 3 institutions. In the past few days I have rid myself of 2 savings accounts and thereby 1 of the institutions, and consolidated the ROTH IRA’s. I have 4 credit cards that I’d like to get down to just 2, once I pay everything off.

My debt is feeling overwhelming at the moment, which I interpret as the driving force behind my general desire to simplify and control. I am actually doing an awesome job with my debt and I should be feeling more in control of my financial destiny than I have in years. I have paid off 30% of my credit card debt since the beginning of the year and I’ve also started rounding up my car payment and giving an extra $45 every month. It makes me feel better even though it’s barely a drop in the ocean of the loan.

I track every dollar I spend, still contribute a modest amount to retirement and savings, and my net worth – while still negative to the tune of $9K – has improved massively over the last 8 months.

My goals from now through the end of 2013 are to pay off 3 credit cards (approx. $12K) have $30K in savings/retirement and generally simplify every aspect of my life. I am making phenomenal progress on these goals, but I’m finding it’s a hard to week to keep the faith.