The one thing I don’t need to learn is literally HOW to successfully manage my money. I know all the tools of the trade from spending less than I earn and paying myself first, to having a budget and killing consumer debt ASAP. I’m really great at the latter – my budget is a work of art and I’m paying that debt as fast as I possibly can. I am spending less than I earnĀ  but it’s the paying myself first that needs some work. The urge to send every last cent to the credit cards (A.K.A. Saving) is all-too-tempting, despite the fact I KNOW I need an emergency cushion – just in case. This is even more important than it was last time, as I have cut up my credit cards so they’re not an option if I even wanted them to be.

It is stating the obvious that personal finance is more about psychology and behavior than it is about dollars and cents, so I guess it’s understandable that I’m spending more time managing myself than actually managing my money.

To that end, I have moved the goal posts this second “kill debt” time though. Gazelle intensity is fantastic in short bursts, but personally speaking, I admit that I just can’t sustain it for the long-haul. I wish I could and I sure as hell tried. But, I failed once and I have learned that I need to do what works for me. Read all the advice, take what works, leave the rest at the door.