My second wake-up “your finances suck” call came last September, when AMEX politely informed me they were cancelling the extended payment option on my account. Thankfully they were still allowing my $31K balance to be paid over time, however, all future charges would have to be paid in full. Also thankfully, they informed me of this before I’d had a chance to charge another $5K of outfits in that particular billing cycle.

This is why I have such a love/hate relationship with AMEX.

AMEX was the spark that ignited my explosive spending. It’s always been my card of choice. I had a Platinum one, because that’s the story I wanted to tell. My credit card said SO much about my fabulousness and my status in life (It did! It told everyone I was shallow, irresponsible and in debt!!!). I should have dropped the Platinum the first time I woke up and paid it off, but despite the $450 fee, I wanted to keep that warm and special feeling.

NOTE: My AMEX has since been downgraded to Green and despite it being the oldest account on my credit report, I will be cancelling it when it’s paid off later this year. I prefer the story my Green Card tells. It’s in a drawer still wearing it’s “Activate Me” sticker and it’s cut into two pieces. I also got a new card number so I don’t have it memorized if I ever wander onto or similar.

But when all is said and done, I do love AMEX very much, because they have also been the catalyst for my wake up calls. They have twice cut me off before I’ve gotten so far adrift I can’t save myself. For that reason alone, AMEX will always have a special place in my heart.